Lean Online Review Program – LORP

The web-based Lean Online Review Program (LORP) is an everything-you-need pass to learning about the different aspects of Lean and its principles. This online review program is intended for people who are not very familiar with Lean techniques. Professionals who are looking for a greater chance of becoming Lean Bronze certified should consider this introductory program.

One of the reasons LORP has been successful in training potential bronze holders is its training regimen. Pre-course and post-course quizzes are conducted to ensure the effectiveness of the Lean training.

The LORP program is a collaboration between SME and ASQ and is offered through the ASQ website.


Why Should You Complete the Lean Online Review Program?

Professionals who are considering Lean Bronze Certification may consider completing the LORP program first as a stepping stone. But anyone working in the manufacturing field should look at the LORP due to the amount of information they can use for their personal careers. Even if you are already a Lean practitioner, an SME member, work at a Shingo award winning company, AME member and/or ASQ member, the LORP will give you a refreshing take on learning Lean.

Because of the online program’s amazing database, finding useful Lean information can be done with just a click of a mouse button. The Body of Knowledge topics provided on the database cover much of the required study material for the Lean Bronze Certification examination.


The LORP Learning Package

LORP is composed of 8 detailed online courses that practitioners and professionals should review. By enforcing a tactical approach at the online courses, learning the concepts, principles, tools and other information about Lean will be very easy to comprehend. By the end of the review course, the participants will have the basic understanding of the different Lean principles and tools.

  • Audience: Beginner
  • Course Length: 15 Hours

Participants are allowed to take the review course for 365 days from activation date.


Lean Online Review Program Course Outline

The full review program consists of 8 courses focusing on the different aspects of Lean. If you have only minimal knowledge of Lean, you are encouraged to complete the LORP, before taking a crack at becoming Lean Bronze certified.

To learn more about the 8 different courses provided in the review program, take a look at the course outlines below:


Course 1: Developing a Lean Culture 110

This course is designed to define what Lean is all about – developing people. This course will tackle the different cultures found in workplaces, as well as the pros and cons of developing a Lean culture. While the course covers basic Lean principles, it also teaches participants how to apply Lean in their everyday lives.


Course 2: Continuous Process Improvement: Managing Flow 120

This course tackles the fundamental Lean principle of flow. From Value Stream Mapping to describing production and withdrawal Kanban, this course outlines how to keep product flowing.


Course 3: Continuous Process Improvement: Identifying and Eliminating Waste 125

This course teaches the main barriers to flow, how to identify the seven wastes and apply Lean principles to eliminate waste. It also gives practitioners a new way to look at the word “stability.”


Course 4: Management Tools: Problem Solving 220

This course covers the many different Lean tools that are used. It will illustrate how and when to use flowcharts, value stream maps, process maps, spaghetti diagrams and pareto charts to help manage your work and solve problems.


Course 5: Management Tools: Product and Process Design 225

This course defines the Toyota’s house of quality, and the concurrent engineering being done in design parts and processes today. Learn about quality, product life cycle and design for manufacturing. The use of Kaizen events is also covered in this course.


Course 6: Maintaining a Consistent Lean Culture 310

The course defines the overall aspect of the Lean enterprise and how a systematic approach can help sustain a Lean culture. The course also teaches the different disadvantages of local optimization vs systemic thinking.


Course 7: Transforming Lean into Business Results 320

This course describes the value flow in a Lean system as well as the philosophy behind cost reduction in a Lean system. Other information about the course include scientific thinking in a Lean system, Kaizen events, safety measures used in Lean as well as the different roles of Lean in the workplace.


Course 8: Measuring Lean Systems 330

The course describes the role of metrics in the Lean architecture. It also describes the tools needed for measuring financial waste from a Lean perspective. It also gives participants a fresh approach to defining cash flow.

For more information on the Lean Online Review Program, head to the ASQ website.

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