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The International Project Management Association, or IPMA, is a project management organization headquartered in the Netherlands, but consisting of member associations around the world. IPMA is a member-driven organization staffed by volunteers. The goal of IPMA Is to support the member associations around the world by promoting project management, establish project management standards and work to improve certification methods for its members.

IPMA certification

History of IPMA

IPMA was originally founded in 1964 as “INTERNET”, or “INTERnational NETwork. “ That’s right! IPMA created the internet! They came up with the name, at least. The goal at the time was to forward the “critical path method” as a management tool for complex projects.

By 1994, to avoid confusion with the actual Internet, the name International Project Management Association was assumed and IPMA was reborn in its current form.

IPMA Project Management Certifications

IPMA provides ongoing support to its membership with seminars and training available through its member associations. For more details on upcoming courses, check out the IPMA website.

In an effort to improve project management standards, IPMA has developed various certifications for its members.  The demanding IPMA certification consists of 4 levels of training and testing referred to as 4-L-C. The 4-L-C certification process is designed to prove competency in project, programme and portfolio management.

Each of the certifications may or may not require a workshop, certain level of experience, or an exam to achieve final certification. As well, the member associations in each country may potentially add their own requirements for each level.

Listed below are the IPMA certifications, with level D regarded as a knowledge-based certification and Level A requiring the most experience:

IPMA level A – Certified Projects Director

IPMA level B – Certified Senior Project Manager

IPMA level C – Certified Project Manager

IPMA level D – Certified Project Management Associate

For more information on the different IPMA project management certifications, click on the links above.

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