Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) – The Best Way to Start Your Career

Becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is one of the most prestigious entry-level credentials for aspiring project managers in the field today. This certification program is specifically designed for professionals who want to become a part of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

CAPM certification

From basic terminologies to effective processes, the CAPM certification program is intended for professionals who have little-to-no knowledge about the project management field. With the help of the CAPM program, figuring out how project management works in real-time companies will greatly aid you in your future endeavors.

Is the CAPM Certification Program for you?

Aspiring project management professionals should consider CAPM certification, as it will boost their fundamental knowledge in project management. Current project management practitioners will find that the CAPM program increases their international business recognition.

On the other hand, for professionals who are looking to become a Project Management Professional (PMP), the CAPM certification is a stepping stone that gives certificate holders a head start.

What it takes to become a Certified Associate in Project Management

There are several prerequisites for CAPM certification. Listed below are the eligibility requirements:

  •  A Secondary Degree (High School Diploma or Global Equivalent)
  • At least 1,500 hours of Project Experience


  • 23 Hours of Project Management Education by the time you sit for the exam.

For professionals that don’t meet the base requirements, additional project experience is required for CAPM certification.

How to Apply

You can apply for CAPM certification by either registering using the PMI online system, or by filling out a printable CAPM application form.

What CAPM Professionals Have to Say


“I started studying for the PMP but felt the CAPM was the way to go. So after 4 months of studying one failed PMP exam 2,000 dollars, 30+ practice exams and 100’s of hours of study I passed. This exam was much more straight forward, but still requires a lot of memorization. Since taking both exams these two are much closer together than you would think. Sure the PMP is harder, but the CAPM is challenging and much harder than the Project + 2003 exam. “

–      N2IT – http://www.techexams.net


CAPM already certifies that you have the knowledge about Project Management according to PMI. It’s only a step to PMP where you will have the certification not only for the knowledge also the experience on Project Management.”

–      Geovanny U. – Linkedin

(Source: Linkedin )


“I Passed the CAPM exam today with good performance in all the knowledge areas. If you’re a physicist or engineer, memorization may not be your strong suit, but that’s OK. I’m living proof that you can pass just by making a sincere effort to understand the content of the PMBOK. I memorized absolutely nothing. I did take my time in preparation, though. I read the PMBOK (including appendices and glossary), watched the free Course sites videos on YouTube (T. Mahalingham is a fantastic instructor!), and took lots of practice exams from PM Educate, which I found frustrating (multiple choice questions with multiple right answers, stressing exact nomenclature), but I’m sure those exams helped. My advice is to do what works for you to get familiar with the material. Give yourself the time to absorb it and ponder it and you’ll do fine!”

–      Donna W. – Owner at Proof of Concept Optical Engineering LLC EDWOSB – LinkedIn


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