Is ISM certification worth it?

The certificates available from the ISM offer industry leading training in all areas of supply management to keep individuals ahead of market trends. Their CPSM program is internationally recognized with many individuals in diverse industry leading companies such as Pfizer, ConAgra, and Safeway.

Compared to other manufacturing certifications, ISM’s main focus is to promote mastery of the profession and the certifications offered are comprehensive and deep.

The ISM website has listed testimonials from numerous professionals who claim that ISM has helped them advance their careers and increase their knowledge and experience. Read about them here.

Jason Busch, a frequent contributor on Spend, states that “for those who have the time to pursue the certification — not to mention the available training courses and tutoring to learn the material and the basic qualifications to earn the designation — that the CPSM represents a smart investment that will more than pay dividends over time.”

In short, yes, the ISM offers great programs for those that have the time to pursue them.

Click here for more in depth information about ISM certification.

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