Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity

CPSD certificationA Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity (CPSD) shows a professional’s aptitude in supply management through an expertise in supplier diversity. Developing diverse initiatives with many suppliers helps ensure the success of your business.

ISM’s CPSD program emphasizes an understanding of the entire supply chain and presents a complete view of a market. This certification includes in depth analysis of contracting and negotiation, sourcing, and international business especially as it pertains to supplier diversity.

With the launch of the CPSD program in 2011, the ISM offered these two keys to the supplier diversity field here. Researching and maintaining different sources of supplies, and hiring individuals with varied skills are valuable skills for individuals looking to remain ahead of the market as professionals in supply management and supplier diversity.

To be eligible for the CPSD examinations requires a minimum of five years professional supplier diversity or supply management experience OR three years of professional experience at the same level with a bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible.

CPSD Exam Information

Before scheduling your exam dates, you must register on the ISM website. All ISM certification exams are scheduled through Pearson VUE’s website here. You may reschedule your exam if necessary, given at least 24 hours notice to Pearson VUE. All tests are taken on computer. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early and have valid government issued identification to match your registered name on ISM. There is a 30 day waiting period to retake any exam.

CPSD Exams and Certification

  1. Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity
  2. Foundation of Supply Management (CPSM Exam 1)

CPSD certification requires one to take two exams. The first exam is specifically for professionals aiming to be certified and covers such topics as policies and planning, sourcing/supplier development, and advocacy/marketing/outreach.

The second exam is the same examination taken by supply management professionals and may be waived for those with a current CPSM or CPM certification.

All correct answers score one point; incorrect answers do not add to your final score on these exams. Additionally, scoring for this certification varies based on the difficulty of the particular set and is scaled accordingly, but no curves or quotas are in place comparing individual’s scores.

The Importance of Supplier Diversity

Major companies recognize that without many suppliers and multi-faceted individuals, success becomes much more difficult. Fourteen years ago, Cisco established an internal division to explore and promote successful methods of supplier diversity.

With such initiatives, Cisco has made positive strides in their efforts to enhance customer services while also cutting the costs needed to deliver services and product to their customers. While the CPSD program is relatively new to the ISM, Cisco proves the importance and effectiveness of strong supplier diversity with industry leading products and services.

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