Is there a study guide for APICS certification?

APICS guide


Is there a study guide for APICS certification?

On the APICS website, you can find a basic outline of each of their operations and supply chain management exams. With those basics for the CPIM and CSCP exams, you could create your own study guide, but for a more in-depth study guide with sample questions and solutions, there are a variety of materials available for sale through APICS and several online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Materials available through the APICS website including classes and booklets with sample questions, study notes, and interactive computer modules for each of the five CPIM exams. Click here to see their most up-to-date listing.

For the CSCP exam, there are similar materials available from APICS, including a self-led computer program called the APICS CSCP Learning System, as well as other guides, notes, and class opportunities.

There are a variety of additional study resources available on our Exam Resources page. For a complete listing of links, please click here.

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