Can you get your APICS certificate online?

APICS online certification


Can you get your APICS certificate online?

While there are online learning opportunities that may assist potential candidates in obtaining their operations management and supply chain designations, the actual exams for the APICS CSCP and CPIM designations are proctored in-person at an approved location. The CFPIM designation is a special case, which we will discuss in a moment.

In order to take your CSCP or CPIM exams, you will want to follow these steps:

1)     Assess which exams are required for the certification you wish to obtain. APICS The Association for Operations Management provides a tool, appropriately called the APICS CPIM Exam Progress tool, which can help you keep track of your completed and remaining tests.

2)     Sign up for your exams online or over the phone. If you are located in North America (Canada, United States, or Mexico), you will want to sign up through the Pearson Vue website or call them at the number listed there. Please note that registering by telephone costs an additional $10. If you are located outside of North America, follow this link to find testing facilities in your area.

3)     Study. For this step, you can refer to our reference page to find several online and print materials provided by APICS or online retailers.

4)     Take your test(s) at your proctored location. Note that you can take more than one exam in one day, but you must register at least 24 hours in advance for all exams. If you have to retake a test, you may do so for a discounted fee.

For the CFPIM designation, you will need to have completed your CPIM designation requirements, as well as completed a variety of additional professional activities (like presenting, serving as a APICS event committee member, getting published in your field) to earn certification points. Once you have completed your requirements and are ready to apply for the CFPIM, you can download instructions and an application online and submit it via post with your $50 application fee.

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