APICS Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management (CFPIM)

CFPIM Designation Details

The APICS CFPIM designation is an extension of the basic CPIM designation. In order to earn the CFPIM, qualified individuals must accrue 100 professional development points within a three-year period of submitting an application through two or more of the following activities:

  • Passing the APICS CPIM Exam (Maximum: 75 Points)
  • Presentations (Maximum: 40 Points)
  • Published Works (Maximum: 40 Points)
  • Classroom Instructions (Maximum: 40 Points)
  • Volunteer and Practitioner Activities (Maximum: 40 Points)

The CFPIM application costs $50. Credit card or check payments may be made via post.

Candidate Qualifications

The APICS Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management designation is ideal for professionals looking to expand their CPIM accreditation. No additional education or experiences is required, though both are useful for achieving the CFPIM requirements.

Real-Life Fellow Experience

Louise B. tells the story of earning his CFPIM designation in the APICS Ontatrio Grand Valley chapter’s newsletter, The Bottom Line. You can read the full story, here.

“The CFPIM designation appeared … to be attainable in the least amount of time [compared to CSCP] … I had read the qualifications and I was already able to score some points in each of the required categories. So I started pecking at the requirements, offering to speak here and there, writing and submitting articles to publications, and became an APICS instructor for the CPIM review courses. My eligible volunteer hours were low, so I badgered the chapter into agreeing to host … our first regional conference. … It took two years to complete all the requirements, including publishing a book to gain maximum points in one of the categories.”


There are several social media links on the APICS exam resources page of this site (click here) where you can connect personally with people who have earned their CFPIM designation.

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