How Much Money Does a Logistics Specialist Make?

The annual salary of a logistics specialist varies depending on several factors. The average salary in the US is about $65,000 per year, but entry level positions will start at around $40 to 45,000. Of course, with more experience the salary level can get into the six figure range.

If you have a logistics degree, possibly even a masters in business administration, you’ll be looking for a management level position. These positions will pay more and generally include a bonus based on department metrics or company profitability. Management level positions require additional leadership skills and more experience with direct reports.

The title of logistics specialist can mean different things depending on the company and the experience level required. Read any job description carefully, paying special attention to the specific skills required. Most logistics specialist positions require interacting with customers and communicating to freight carriers, managing and coordinating shipments, creating schedules, investigating pricing options, maintaining logistics logs and systems, reporting metrics and looking for cost savings within the transportation infrastructure of the business.

A career as a logistics specialist can be fast paced, yet rewarding. Hard work pays off when you get your pay check. There are plenty of options for certification if you’re interested in logistics.

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