Colorado Technical University – MBA Concentrated in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Colorado Technical University offers a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in logistics and supply chain management. Quite a mouthful to explain to prospective employers, but essentially it’s an MBA in logistics.

This MBA is available online as well as at the CTU campuses. Using a project-based model, the course ware is designed to give you an “active role of collaborative problem-solver.” I’m guessing this means group work, with real life business cases.

After completing CTU’s MBA, you should be able to “design an integrated supply chain system from the raw material to delivery to the end customer, including reverse logistics consideration.”

Some of the coursework includes:

  • Applied Managerial Accounting
  • Applied Managerial Economics
  • Strategic Management in Dynamic Environments
  • Applied Managerial Finance
  • Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making
  • Applied Managerial Decision-Making
  • Graduate Research Methods
  • Applied Managerial Marketing

And the concentrated logistics courses are the following:

  • Logistics/SCM Inventory and Distribution
  • Impact on Design & Production
  • Supply Chain/Logistics Cost Analysis
  • Project Management Capstone

Like most MBA programs, you’ll need an undergraduate degree to qualify.

The CTU MBA program is a standard MBA with a supply chain management focus. For those interested in this type of general MBA with a logistics concentration, this Colorado Technical University online degree might be for you.

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