Florida Institute of Technology – Master of Science in Logistics Management


The Master of Science degree offered by the Florida Institute of Technology is an online degree for professionals looking for skills specific to logistics management. The Master of Science in Logistics Management includes distribution management, logistics support and policy, life-cycle management, maintenance management and much more.

Admission Requirements:

A bachelor’s degree, not necessarily in business administration. Some additional prerequisite courses may be required if your degree is outside the business area.

What’s included?

There are 33 credit hours of graduate course work required for the Master of Science degree in logistics management.

Two prerequisites (Financial Accounting and College Algebra) are required before you begin.

The nine required courses are:

Corporate Finance, Introductory Managerial Statistics, Management Information Systems, Production and Operations Management, Systems and Logistics Support Management, Logistics Policy, Decision Theory, Distribution Management, Basic Economics.

There are two elective courses to be chosen from a list.

For more details, see the Florida Institute of Technology Logistics Management degree page. 

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