Forklift Test Video – Preoperation Check

An annual forklift certification test is a basic form of logistics certification. A forklifts is a specialty piece of machinery that requires some essential skills in order to operate. It’s not like getting behind the wheel of a car. The average forklift weighs almost 10,000 lbs due to the large counterweight. You need this weight in order to maintain control while lifting heavy loads.

A forklift test is much more than someone watching how you maneuver the forklift. Before you even get on the forklift, you need to show your examiner that you have checked the machine for any unsafe conditions.

The video below shows the basics for checking a forklift before operating it. This is valuable knowledge for anyone taking a forklift certification test. Keep in mind that not every forklift is the same and every jurisdiction has different standards, so don’t underestimate the value of an onsite forklift instructor showing you face to face how to check your forklift.

Forklifts are an important piece of the logistics picture. For more information on other certificates in logistics, check out the main logistics certification page.

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