Supply Chain Management Explained

Here’s a great video describing supply chain management in simple terms, with quirky graphics to illustrate the process.

What is the profit margin on a bottle of water? Water is freely available, right? All you have to do is bottle it and put a label on it. So why does a bottle cost $1.50??

The cost is in the logistics. How is that bottle getting to you? You are paying for the service of getting to you? Boxes, material, people, machines, building, energy, fuel, marketing, finance, IT. This video boils down the logistics of supply chain management into simple terms. Very easy to follow.

The great part is, this video is the first part in a series put together by ASU. Other modules include Moving It, Making It, Global Supply Chain Management. An excellent resource!

Coincidently, ASU offers an online logistics degree. View my page on online logistics degrees for links to the ASU program and many more.

For more information head over to the main logistics certification page.

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