Best Online Logistics Degree Programs

best online logistics degree

Why get a Logistics Degree Online?

Most people go to a brick and mortar school to get their degree, but not everyone has the ability to spend three or four years taking courses full-time. Often there are no colleges or schools close by that offer a degree in supply chain management. Online schools offer many benefits that physical schools don’t.

Distance learning allows you to get your degree from the comfort of your home. Many degrees can be taken part time, so the cost can be spread over a number of years. And it’s just more convenient.

Online education can get a bad rap sometimes, since anyone can set up a website and offer some kind of degree or certification. Be aware and do your research. There are plenty of good choices if you do some due diligence.

Did you know that many reputable, physical colleges and universities offer online degree programs? Below is a list of some of the best logistics degree programs available online, offered from well-known colleges.

Online Logistics Degree Programs:


Arizona State University:

ASU offers an Operations and Supply Chain Management certificate through the W. P. Carey executive training centre.


American Military University:

AMU offers a BA and an MA in Transportation and Logistics Management and also a graduate certificate in Logistics Management.


Park University:

Park University offers a Bachelor of Science – Management/Logistics.


Florida Institute of Technology:

FIT offers a Master of Science in Logistics Management, as well as a Graduate certificate program in Logistics.


 National American University:

NAU offers an Applied Science Degree in Business Logistics.


Bellevue University:

Bellevue offers a Bachelor of Science in Logistics Management.


Colorado Technical University:

CTU offers an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


Eastern Michigan University:

EMU offers a certificate in Supply Chain Management.


Northeastern University:

NEU offers an MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management


Penn State: 

Penn State offers a Graduate Certificate and a Master of Professional Studies in Supply Chain Management


Southern Polytechnic State University:

SPSU offers a Bachelor Of Applied Science in Supply Chain Logistics.



This is by no means an exhaustive list. Schools change their online offerings regularly, so be sure to do your own research. If you’re interested in an online logistics degree, just remember to look for a respected educational institution.

Note: Schools like to change their website structure all the time! If you find any broken links, please let us know in the comments, so we can fix them!! 

For more information on logistics and supply chain management certification, go to the main logistics certification page.

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