OSHA Safety Certification

An OSHA safety certification is an important certification in Health and Safety. Of course machinery needs to be certified to ensure it is safe to operate, but did you know that people can be certified in safety too?

Read this post for a more detailed description of what health and safety really is. 

OSHA is the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. This is the government body in charge of regulating and enforcing safety standards in the US.

Health and safety is a highly regulated area within manufacturing. Employers carry the responsibility of training their employees to deal with on the job hazards. There are regulations for many specific areas, including guarding, hazardous material handling, lockout procedures etc. Many OSHA safety certifications are one or two day training sessions that can be taught or trained at a work place by a professional trainer. These certifications often have to be renewed annually.

OSHA Outreach Training

This is a voluntary program designed for workers. Although it is voluntary, many employers require this training as part of their job application process.

This OSHA safety certification is generally referred to by the different “cards.” There are two levels of training, a ten hour general program aimed at entry level workers and a 30 hour program designed for those with more safety responsibilities on their job. These two certificates are commonly called a 10 hour card and a 30 hour card respectively.

Many companies require a 10 hour card for general employment, with a 30 hour cards required for safety related jobs. Especially for construction jobs in public works, the 10 hour card is a requirement in some states like New York.

Trainers in the outreach program do not have to be OSHA trainers, but must be certified by OSHA to provide this training. You can become a trainer by taking the applicable courses through the OTI Education Centers.

An OSHA Safety Certification is not a requirement for most jobs in manufacturing, but can be an extra tool to have on your resume. With many options for online training and a cost of under $100, it’s not a difficult undertaking.

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